The Services provided from CEREBRUM are educational programs with online-courses, pr-recorded conferences and live coverage of important conferences. I.R.T.E.A will establish strategical co-operations with public,private and non governmental organizations in order to create and provide services through the digital platform CEREBRUM.

The platform will allow the user despite his Country or Region, to have access to it's services, breaking down the barriers of location, race, social and economical background.

Creating a digital community of education which promotes and focuses on the principals of the European Union, based on the interaction of it's users through group projects, symposiums and creating new initiatives.

Educational Programs
The service of educational programs will provide on-line courses in a variety of topics closely connected with the European Policy's.The CEREBRUM platform will host online-courses from entities, from Greece and other Countries with the prospect in creating a HUB of learning, to achieve and promote new skills based on the ICT 2020 of the European Union.

Through it's educational programs we're given the ability to collect data for every trainee, in order to evaluate him and to evaluate the online course.

Finally, for every educational program the user attends there will be the respective Certification/ Certificate of Attendance according to International Standards(SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, digital tests,multiple choice questionnaires,interactive examples, etc)

Conference on demand
This service gives the opportunity of attending on demand conferences in high quality, in a safe,digital learning environment. The conferences will be divided in category's, so the user can choose the topic and the entitle who organized the conference. The co-operation with entities of Greece or of foreign origin, will enrich CEREBRUM abolishing geographical, social and economical restrictions of our era.

Finally the respective will be in accordance with International Standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, digital tests,multiple choice questionnaires,interactive examples, etc).

Live streaming
The ability to live stream a series of conferences or seminars which take place in Greece or Europe. This service allows the user to attend a seminar of his choice despite his location.
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