1. What is CEREBRUM?

The Digital Platform of asynchronous learning, CEREBRUM is a service provided by the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs-I.R.T.E.A. and opens the gate towards unique opportunities for training and learning programmes, available for everybody. CEREBRUM includes a great variety of educational courses and material from EU funded projects, that are specifically developed based on the Institute’s experience and expertise on the field of non-formal learning, with modern, innovative and interactive practices.

Through the Digital Platform CEREBRUM and its modern tools, the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs – I.R.T.E.A. gives the opportunity of long-distance learning of educational program, seminars, pre-recorded or live streaming conferences from all around Greece and the globe.

The Services provided from CEREBRUM are educational programs with online-courses, recordings as well as live coverage of important conferences. I.R.T.E.A. will establish strategical co-operations with public, private and non-governmental organizations in order to create and provide services through the Digital Platform CEREBRUM.

The platform will allow the user despite his Country or Region, to have access to its services, breaking down the barriers of location, race, social and economic background. This way the goal of creating a digital community of education which promotes and focuses on the principals of the European Union, based on the interaction of its users through group projects, symposiums and creating new initiatives is highlighted

2. What are the requirements for my Registration?

For a new user to sign up to the CEREBRUM platform, it is required for them to fill in the available form with their personal data (name, surname, email, phone number, country, postal address, date of birth), setting a personal password, as well as reading and accepting the Terms of Use of the Platform. Additionally, if the user wishes they can also identify their status or the organization they are partnering with in the framework of a learning programme.

In case the registered user forgets their credentials to log in the platform, the CEREBRUM Help Desk is available to support and help recover their password.

3. How much does the Registration cost?

Registration on the CEREBRUM platform is FREE. Admission to e-courses, on-demand conferences and Live Streaming depending on the policy they follow may or may not be charged.

4. How can I learn the process to Register step-by-step?

The user can find the manual that explains step by step how to register by clicking here. If the user's questions are not covered by the user manual, they can contact the CEREBRUM Help Desk at (+30) 213 0250217

5. How can I be sure that I have successfully completed my Registration?

Immediately after the successful completion of the registration of a new user, an email will be automatically sent to the email address he stated, confirming his registration. In case the user does not receive the confirmation email and cannot log in by filling in the email and password, he will have to repeat the registration process. If he still has a problem, then he can contact the CEREBRUM Help Desk at (+30) 213 0250217.

6. Where can the Terms of Use stated during my Registration be found?

You can find and read the terms of use before you register, but also after the end of it here.

7. Should I fill an application in order to watch the Conferences and Lectures that CEREBRUM provides?

The material offered by CEREBRUM is available on demand, i.e., anyone can watch it at any time, simply by selecting the program that interests them during the time available to them, provided that the procedures have been completed if the choice of service has some type of charge.

8. Will I be informed about Live Streaming Programmes?

Yes. The user will be informed about the programmes, conferences and speeches that will be broadcast in real time, both from the notification column, and by visiting the calendar, where all scheduled conferences will be recorded.

9. After watching the Conferences will I receive a Certification?

Yes. Immediately after the end of the conference or training program, the user will complete a test - according to international standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, digital tests, multiple choice questions, interactive examples, etc.), which will be based on material he just watched. Upon successful completion, the user will be able to save and print the Certification / Certificate of Attendance of the conference or lecture.

10. If I do not complete the test, will I receive my Certification?

No. The user will receive the Certification / Certificate of Attendance only after successfully completing the Test, according to international standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, digital tests, multiple choice questions, interactive examples and more).

11. Can I stop attending a Seminar cycle or a speech?

The user will be able to stop attending a seminar cycle, a training, a lecture, etc. In this case, of course, will not have the right to obtain the Attendance Certification / Certificate.

12. Can I contact the Academics of the Programmes and the Conferences?

The users of the platform are able to communicate with the respective presenters of the educational programs and the speakers, as well as with the other participants through the option "Discussion" that appears on the left of the screen.

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