The institute of Research & Training on European Affairs through the digital platform CEREBRUM and it's modern tools, gives the opportunity of long distance learning of educational program,seminars, pr-recorded live streams of conferences from all around Greece and the globe.

The latin based word "CEREBRUM" which means "brain" was chosen in order to state the dynamic of the platform, it's innovation, and it's high paced response in the needs of the modern era.

Main purpose of CEREBRUM is the promotion of right methods, the promotion of new skills and further academical excellence in Greece and Europe.It's creation supports the ultimate goal of I.R.T.E.A, to be the factor to tighten the gap of Greece and Europe between the academical and economical field, politics and society.

the creation of CEREBRUM was based on The strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (“ET 2020”) and alway's tries to achieve 4 main challenges:

CEREBERUM will focus it's field of study, in the same fields the European Union addresses in it's operations

  • Economic and Entrepreneurship Policies
  • Youth and Educational Policies
  • External Relations, Security and Defense Policies
  • Environmental and Sustainable Development Policies
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